At Nicole Mera, we take pride in educating our customers. Its not only important to know that you purchased a well made beautiful piece of jewelry but also to have confidence in your purchase that it has value and you get what you pay for.  In order to do that, it is important to first understand how diamonds are classified and how a value is established.

One of the first things most people learn about diamonds is that not all diamonds are created equal. In fact, no two diamonds are exactly alike. Diamonds come in many sizes, shapes, colors, and with various internal characteristics.

All polished diamonds are valuable. That value is based on a combination of factors. Rarity is one of those factors. Diamonds with certain qualities are more rare—and more valuable—than diamonds that lack them. Jewelry professionals use a systematic way to evaluate and discuss these factors. Otherwise, there would be no way to compare one diamond to another. And there would be no way to evaluate and discuss the qualities of an individual diamond.

Diamond professionals use the grading system developed in the 1950s by GIA,The Gemelogical Institute of America, which established the use of four important factors to describe and classify diamonds: Clarity, Color, Cut, and Carat Weight. These are known as the 4Cs. When used together, they describe the quality of a finished diamond. The value of a finished diamond is based on this combination. At Nicole Mera, we only use Diamonds that have been graded by GIA.  See the diamond interative tool below to explore the 4 C’s to help better explore and understand what quality factors may be important to you.

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