1.90ct Blue Sheen Moonstone Cabochon & Sapphire Studs



Style #: NM-0201/18KW-78 SA (In Stock)


These colorful & petite 18K White Gold studs pop with the 1.90ctw Round Blue Sheen Cabochon Moonstones surrounded by glowing blue sapphires. This pair is perfect for everyday but give a little sparkle and flash on a night out.

What is so special about Moonstone? That unearthy glow makes them beyond special! That unearthly glow is called Adularescence, which is an optical phenomenon that is produced in gemstones such as moonstones. Adularescence is the metallic iridescence originating from below the surface of a stone, that occurs when light is reflected between layers of minerals. Mother nature, you are magnificent!

Stud Details

  • Regular push backs for pierced ears
  • Gemstone Treatment – Sapphires – Heat


In stock


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