Meteorite & Cobalt Chrome Band with Vertical 18K Yellow Inlay by Lashbrook

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Style #: NM-LB-CC9D15 Meteorite

Cobalt Chrome 9mm Satin Polish Domed Band with 5mm Meteorite inlay and 3mm 18K Yellow Gold Vertical inlay

Please allow 3-4 weeks for custom fabrication.

Lashbrook Meteorite rings are made from authentic Gibeon Meteorite formed in space four billion years ago. Gibeon meteorite is well know for the striking patters seen on its face (called Widmanstatten lines), formed over millions of year of super slow cooling. Each meteorite piece will vary slightly in appearance and may contain inclusions which are often composed of combination of trace metals that are not otherwise found on earth. The rarity, origin and pattern of each meteorite ring makes it a distinctive piece of art.



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