Meet Nikki:

Graduate Gemologist & Founder of Nicole Mera

Driven by a passion for high-quality and timeless design, in 2016 Nikki launched Nicole Mera to tailor fine jewelry to the unique demands of her customers. Guided by her personal creativity and background in gemology, Nikki has created a service to provide elegant hand-crafted jewelry to adorn those who appreciate well made jewelry that exudes exquisite taste.

Nikki attended the Gemological Institute of America in Carlsbad, California, where she obtained her Graduate Gemologist degree and began her career in the jewelry industry working in the Los Angeles Jewelry District.  Using her extensive knowledge of the industry, especially high-end custom hand fabrication, she created Nicole Mera with the mission of creating fine jewelry for women and men who covet sophisticated, personal adornments that compliment their style and express a sense of tasteful elegance. Nikki works only with the best artisans using precious metals & precious stones to create a personalized product as uniquely beautiful as the person wearing it.


Photo Credit: Beloved Photography


Nicole Mera

Meaning Behind The Name – Why Mera?

“meraki” [may-rah-kee]

is a word that modern Greeks often use to describe doing something with soul, creativity, or love — one puts “something of themselves into what they’re doing, whatever it may be.”

Nicole Mera was founded on the belief that nothing beautiful exists unless it’s created with passion, love, and a personal touch.  Nikki of Nicole Mera has a connection to the Greek word “meraki” which fully represents the designs and the process at Nicole Mera. It also embodies the individual hands behind the custom designed jewelry. Although there are many different places to purchase fine jewelry, it is rare to find passionate individuals who can create an exquisite one of a kind jewel made with so much love, creativity, and passion. That is what Nicole Mera is truly all about.

Photography Credits: Main Image: May Carlson. Headshot: Beloved Photography. Product Photography: Dawn Elizabeth Photography, Courtney Davidson Photography, Cupcake Photography. Testimonial Photo: Maddie Pier Antoni Photography.

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