The Nicole Mera High Bridal Collection possesses the illustrious allures of deep romance, connection, and the ability to awaken an unimagined brilliance in your love story.

The stones selected for this collection must meet Nicole Mera’s strict quality requirements before becoming a part of the High Bridal Collection.

There is depth and beauty to each jewel; From their stylistic and feminine lines, the pioneering craftsmanship, to their flawless and precise details, each jewel encompasses Nicole Mera’s belief that love and romance can be represented by rare gems and the jewelry that is created to showcase them. 

Photography: Beloved Photography

HAMU: Veil Artistry

Gowns: Julian Gold

Videography: Squinted Cinema  

Grip & Lighting: Taylor Shook 

Model: Callie Herd, Campbell Models

(Detailed Ring Shots: May Carlson)


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