Nicole Mera has gone above and beyond to hand fabricate extraordinary custom jewelry for clients while cultivating an experience that is as one of a kind as the jewels we create together. Every piece is handmade with their personal storied in mind. Explore some of Nicole Mera’s most unique and outstanding custom designs. 

Nicole Mera x Lashbrook Custom Hardwood Band 

Celebrating Love: My client reached out to me to create something very special and one-of-a-kind for her husband for their 10th Wedding Anniversary. In 2012, they bought a home in hope to put long term roots down to grow old together. Since then, they have done just that while having 3 beautiful children and a life filled with love, laughter, and lasting memories. Now, they are expanding that home for their future. In the backyard of this home, is a very special Heritage Texas Oak Tree that was not able to to be salvaged, mostly because of its health, so my client thought to use a piece of that tree to not only be used in their home, but also use it in the most unique way – as an inlay for her husband’s new wedding band. My client provided me with a piece of that favorite Oak Tree from the backyard and compliment it with brushed yellow gold, reminiscent of his original band. He now carries the memories of their home, family, and all the love that remains. Browse the Gallery to see the results! 


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