Nicole Mera: A Private Jeweler offering Custom Design & Jewelry Concierge Services

Nikki of Nicole Mera is a high-end private jeweler who specializes in creating custom hand-fabricated fine jewelry, for both contemporary and traditional styles. Nikki gathers inspiration from clients’ ideas and imagination to ultimately create a custom timeless design. Whether it is your first time designing a custom engagement ring, needing assistance procuring the perfect gemstone for an anniversary, or selecting the perfect gift, trust in the knowledge and experience of Nikki to help guide you through each moment.

How it works: One on One Consultations

Through a one on one consultation, Nikki of Nicole Mera will help guide you through the experience of buying or creating a one of a kind piece of fine jewelry. While an important jewelry purchase can seem overwhelming at times, Nikki is here every step of the way. Nikki will manage the process to make for a relaxed, pressure-free, and fun experience all while sharing extensive knowledge in selecting quality diamonds and gemstones, and assisting in the careful selection or design of the perfect final piece. A one on one consultation allows Nikki to provide undivided attention to you so you leave feeling as special as the piece you take home. Contact Nikki to schedule your private consultation today! 

Nicole Mera’s Foundation: Quality & Craftsmanship

The quality of the finished product is extremely important to Nikki. Each piece is handcrafted in the United States by the most skilled artisans, each of whom have vast experience with hand fabrication and a complete understanding of how to handle precious gemstones and diamonds. These artistans hand fabricate each piece of jewelry using cutting edge technology, which is necessary to achieve perfection. Nikki only works with the best and follows each and every step in the process to ensure craftsmanship is at its finest. Nikki takes pride in quality and oversees the entire process so the client doesn’t have to. It is important that each client ends up with a beautiful piece of jewelry that can be handed down as a family heirloom to future generations to come.

Custom Design: Inspired By You, Created by Nicole Mera

Nicole Mera offers high-end custom-designed jewelry. Gifting a loved one with a piece of custom jewelry is an exceptionally unique opportunity. Combining your ideas and imagination with Nikki’s hunger for perfection and promise of high-quality design yields exceptional inspiration generated by you, created by Nicole Mera. Allowing clients to be a part of the process from start to finish makes for a truly personal and a fun experience. Nikki takes pride in making the journey easy and intuitive. The care and time taken ensures that the final product is exactly what each client seeks, down to the last detail.

Help Nicole Mera make your dreams a reality.

Personal Gemstone & Diamond Selection

Beauty and rarity are important qualities when selecting the perfect gemstone or diamond to represent your love and commitment. Nikki of Nicole Mera understands the qualities a stone must have in order for it to stand above the rest. Nikki only works with GIA certified Diamonds and with reputable diamond manufacturers to ensure that you not only receive a beautiful and high quality stone, but one that is also responsibly sourced.

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